Seaker presents new track 'Ashes'
Released 12th February 2021

'Ashes' is the latest track from London-based artist and producer Kiran Hungin. Written during a bout of high anxiety, the song is an acknowledgment of how a warped sense of self can lead to a veiled outlook on the world.

Interwoven vocal melodies represent the feeling of multiple thoughts crowding the mind at the same time and not knowing which, if any, to listen to.

"This song is an ode to anxiety and the shit storm it brings. Don't worry about which vocal is the lead. Don't worry about which anxious thought in your head you should pay attention to.

Shut your eyes and try to escape for a minute."  

Past support includes 6Music, Guy Garvey, Simon Raymonde, Amazing Radio, Popjustice, Gold Flake Paint, Clint Boon and Nihal Arthanayake.

Written and produced by Seaker.

Mixed and mastered by Rick David at Pink Bird Recording Co.

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