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Seaker presents new track 'Strange Old Thing'
Released 24th May 2024
Strange Old Thing artwork.jpg

Following the release of  ‘Grown’ in March, London-based artist Seaker aka Kiran Hungin returns with new offering ‘Strange Old Thing’.

At its heart, this is a song about loss and the complex emotions that come when something that has been central in your life comes to an end. ‘Strange Old Thing’ delves in to the profound ache of losing someone dear, and that in some situations with time we come to learn that we had to go through it to reach the other side. Navigating that fine line between love and pain and holding on to the beauty in even the most painful experiences, this is also a song about love and hope.

Seaker’s signature muted piano and vocal harmonies are held by haunting slide guitar and a percussive build towards the end of the track, leading us to a place of empowerment after the rain.

“Pain can be so confusing, but ultimately as humans we are here to learn and there is always a lesson.” - Seaker

Past support includes 6Music, Guy Garvey, Simon Raymonde, Amazing Radio, Popjustice, Gold Flake Paint, Clint Boon and Nihal Arthanayake.

Written/produced by Seaker. Mixed and mastered by Rick David. 

Photo by Athina Kontos.


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