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Born to an Indian father and an English mother, Kiran Hungin—known musically as Seaker—learned early on about navigating identity and connection within different cultural backgrounds.

Within Seaker’s songs, an appreciation for the interconnectivity of the shared human experience emerges as a persistent theme. Delicately crafting a musical tapestry, she grapples with life's myriad emotions, offering listeners a contemplative space to explore the depths of their own feelings.

Seaker's lyrics reside deep within the soul of her music, providing an introspective lens into the complexities of life. Her narratives serve as an invitation to delve into the intricate maze of human emotion.

The world curated by Seaker encompasses glitchy soundscapes and moody piano interlaced with a fusion of acoustic and electronic elements. Within this auditory landscape Seaker's voice emerges, drawing listeners into a world where vocal harmonies prevail, weaving intricate and haunting melodies that define the very essence of her sonic identity.

london based musician seaker 

singer songwriter london

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Seaker singer musician

S  E  A  K  E  R

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