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Seaker presents new track 'Grown'
Released 22nd March 2024

Following a period of working on new material, London-based artist Seaker, aka Kiran Hungin, makes a return with her latest introspective offering, “Grown”.

Seaker's distinctive vocal harmonies and muted piano tones resurface in this evocative track, guiding the listener through a narrative that delves into the intricacies of personal growth. "Grown" serves as a reflective journey, navigating the expanse of adulthood while trying to remain connected to the child within. The delicate balance between self-belief and needing reassurance in order to make sense of this strange world.

Acoustic guitars intertwine with Seaker's layered vocals, complemented by subtle synth textures and mellow beats, crafting an immersive and ethereal soundscape.

 “I often ponder what it really is to be ‘grown up’ or be an adult. How we are all just larger versions of our child selves navigating the world. This track is a nod to that.” - Seaker

“Grown” marks the beginning of a number of new releases from Seaker in 2024.

Past support includes 6Music, Guy Garvey, Simon Raymonde, Amazing Radio, Popjustice, Gold Flake Paint, Clint Boon and Nihal Arthanayake.

Written by Seaker. Produced by Seaker and Rick David. Mixed and mastered by Rick David. 

Photo by Athina Kontos.


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