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Seaker presents new track 'Lately'
Released 5th July 2024
Seaker - Lately artwork.jpg

Seaker (Kiran Hungin) follows ‘Grown’ and ‘Strange Old Thing’ with ‘Lately’, her third release of 2024.

‘Lately’ is a love song of sorts, but might more aptly be named a support song. Sometimes we struggle to feel our own worth, even when those around us claim to see our light. We all need to be held and supported through our dark times and this song is a siren to those in pain, hoping to offer reassurance that we are still worth love, even in our lowest moments.


Seaker's signature muted piano tones are back once again, accompanied by a minimal soundscape and a slightly no frills attitude. The song was born out of a drum-part recorded for a different track, but the part wasn’t used and became the seed for something new.


“I could have produced the living daylights out of this one, and I was tempted. It just needed space and when I came back to it some time after arranging it, I realised the raw and honest feel is exactly what the song is about, so I like that this one is less about the production value and more about just saying to someone you love that it’s going to be ok, even if they can’t see that yet. I’d like this song to feel like a comforting word from a friend.” - Seaker

Past support includes 6Music, Guy Garvey, Simon Raymonde, Amazing Radio, Popjustice, Gold Flake Paint, Clint Boon and Nihal Arthanayake.

Written/produced by Seaker. Mixed and mastered by Buzz Allan. 

Photo by Chris Tew.


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