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Seaker presents new track 'Shadow'
Released 18th March 2022
Shadow art no text.jpg

'Shadow' is the latest track from London-based artist and producer Kiran Hungin. 

A slice of harmony-driven chill pop, 'Shadow' is a musical homage to the feeling of being unable to escape ourselves no matter how hard we try. The song encapsulates feeling lonely and yet somehow still surrounded.


Our inclination might be to run, but there is power in the still.

“I try to make music that somehow feels empowering and fragile at the same time. The contrasts in life really interest me - the delicate balance of light vs dark, good vs bad, fast vs slow, loud vs quiet. Whether thinking literally or figuratively, I find myself caught up in these thoughts a lot and I find elements of it leak in to my songs. A really sad lyric over a soothing instrumental, or mixing marching drums with floaty guitars. I find beauty in the messy space, the ‘in between-ness’.

Past support includes 6Music, Guy Garvey, Simon Raymonde, Amazing Radio, Popjustice, Gold Flake Paint, Clint Boon and Nihal Arthanayake.

Written and produced by Seaker.

Mixed/mastered by Rick David and Buzz Allan

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